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Use of Fabrics

Discover the use of fabrics for your custom fabric projects. Browse over 100 custom printed fabrics and get inspired for your next fabric venture. Quick turnaround times, from order to print in only a few days. No minimum quantity, you can order as much or as little as you like, and if you aren't sure how your print will look, you can order a sample print of your custom design.

Use of fabrics

Technically, you can use any fabric to make anything. That's the beauty of custom fabric projects - you get to decide. But you wouldn't want to. Nobody wants a fleece shower curtain; it's impractical because it would get almost as wet as you would, which would make it heavy, drag it down, and it would run the risk of straining your curtain pole. It would barely have a chance to dry before it got wet again, and it would end up likely being a horrible, permanently damp mess, probably with a funny smell. 

While it's common sense that when making a shower curtain you would aim for a waterproof fabric, some things aren't quite so obvious. There are fabrics that are beautiful to look at, and soft to the touch, which make for perfect clothing fabrics, but just wouldn't stand up to the wear and tear that you'd need for reupholstering a chair, regardless of how much they would look and feel nice. 

Custom fabric projects

Whether you are just starting home projects as a hobby or you want to take on some DIY projects to spruce up your home, we don't expect you to know the difference between crochet lace and lace satin. Even if you have been embarking on your own custom fabric projects for years, you can't be expected to remember the uses of fabric for everything you've ever come across. We have a huge range of over 100 different textiles, and we are the experts in both fabrics and fabric printing, so we have put together these pages to help you narrow down your choices when it comes to picking the material to make some new curtains for your bedroom, or personalize your cushions to match your ever changing decor. 

Ultimately, these are your custom fabric projects, so naturally the final choice is yours. We want you to be happy with your hobby craft venture, or DIY enterprise, and to do that you need to be informed. Browse our ranges outlining different uses of fabric to help you decide what's right for you.