Personalized Cookie Tins

Personalized Cookie Tins

Custom Cookie Tins

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Create your very own personalized cookie tins with a photo and text printed on the lid of the silver tin....

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Personalized Cookie Photo Tins

  • Photo printed to surface of silver tin lid 
  • Size: 8.7" x 6.3" x 3.5" 
  • Hinged lid, rust proof metal
  • Same day dispatch. Cookies not included 
  • Beautiful etched look
  • Made to order

Who stole the cookie from the personalized cookie tins?

Who, me? Yes, you! Add photos, graphic designs and text to make your custom cookie tins. You can use the silver tin to give away treats for birthdays or work events. As you can add anything to the lid, the possibilities for gifting biscuits are endless. Or you can keep them for yourself!
  • A5 silver metal tin
  • Handmade to order
  • Photos printed directly onto lid
  • Stylish silver metallic finish
  • Rustic 'etched' effect
  • 8.7" x 6.3" x 3.5"
  • Approx. weight: 9.9 oz
  • Hinged lid for freshness
  • Easy to clean
  • Rustproof metal

Care instructions

Hand wash only.

  • Hand Wash

Note: The image is printed on the silver tin, making a smart metallic finish to the photo. This looks great and unique. Please note, no white is printed leaving a silver metallic finish.

Quantity Discount

Like many of our products, your custom cookie tins come with a quantity discount, so create a whole set now and save money.

Expertly manufactured 

Your personalized cookie tins are designed to keep your treats nice and fresh and provide your kitchen with a unique decorative accessory. Using a specialist process, we print your lovely photos directly onto the surface of the silver metal lid, creating a print that won't rub or scratch off. The result is a beautiful natural looking 'etched' effect, complete with a silvery finish. We attach hinges to the lid giving you the utmost convenience and guarantee that your biscuits stay fresh in their special custom cookie tins.

Rustic charm

We don't print any white onto the lid before printing, so therefore your designs have a metallic finish and authentic 'etched' effect. To ensure your photos stand out against the surface, we suggest using bold colors and designs with big details. The silver tones add a rustic charm and really gives your personalized biscuit tin character. The print is super long-lasting, so you can use your tin for years and years to come, or even pass it down generations as a cute heirloom. 

Is your Dad a cookie connoisseur? If so, give him his very own personalized cookie tins, printed with a funny warning to anybody who dares try to sneak one from him. You could also print a photo of your dad drinking coffee and eating biscuits, alongside his name and a special message. 

Not just for humans, you could design a personalized biscuit tin for your dog's treats. Kept away from other food in the house, it's a fun way to organize their food, and over time they'll learn this is where their favorite nibbles are kept. Also, if you have more than one dog, printing their face on the lid helps you identify their separate treats.

For special occasions like Christmas, you can create seasonal custom cookie tins printed with all your favorite festive photographs from years gone by. Choose images and colors that match your seasonal color scheme so it can be a decorative addition to the Christmas table.

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