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Personalized Swimwear

When it comes to swimwear, you want something fun - not the run-of-the-mill options in stores. Options are especially limited for men, who tend to get a selection of designs that don't quite fit their personalities. Our range of mens custom swimwear allows you to not only pick your size and style, but also to create your own design using your photos.

Custom Made Cuts

Our mens printed swimwear is designed in-house by our very own fashion designer. With comfort, style and practicality in mind, every little detail is carefully thought out by a specialist. This unique pattern is then sized for a variety of different sizes to offer you a great range. We measure these sizes in inches and in centimeters, and then input them into a handy size chart to make sure that you can easily find out which size you will need. 

Personalized Prints

You can create the design for printing on swimwear and create your own unique style. Use photos, faces or even a collage for a personal pair, or add text, a name or even a logo to your piece. Anything you can think up and create is possible, and our simple to use online design tool will help you see exactly what it will look like on the finished item. You can even choose some of the finer details when you make your own personalized swimwear, such as the stitching thread color or the drawstring color, depending on the style.

Printing on Swimwear

Men's swimwear tends to feature 'traditionally masculine' coloring, with very few patterns and details available. Those that do have patterns are not always printed, they are often a transfer or just a logo emblem made from a different material and stuck on, occasionally embroidered. Our personalized swimwear is printed using deep infusion technology to create a print that is durable and unique to you.

Personalized Swimwear

With our range of mens printed swimwear, you can choose your preferred style, and upload your photos, artwork or even add text and initials to our design tool. You can adjust the features, dependent on the style you have chosen, including stitching thread color, size and sometimes even material. Once you are happy with your creation and have checked the real-time preview, all you need to do is submit your design for printing on swimwear. Out specialists will then hand print, cut and stitch your personalized swimwear to order.