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Personalized Silk Duvet Cover

Personalized Silk Duvet Cover

Custom Silk Duvet Cover

from $194.00

Sleep in luxury when you design your own personalized silk duvet cover, and reap the benefits of silk satin. Not only does it create a luxurious...

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Design Your Own Silk Duvet Cover

  • Choose from 6 sizes
  • Full width press stud closure
  • Reverse: 5 cotton colors, white silk satin, or printed silk
  • Print your own cherished images
  • Handmade to order

Make your bed even more enticing with a personalized silk duvet cover.

This duvet cover is made from our custom silk satin which not only looks and feels luxurious but also has a variety of benefits. It is cooling on the skin, temperature regulating, keeping you dry and cool in the brutal summer heat, and it is naturally hypoallergenic so is perfect for those with even the most sensitive skin. When you design your own silk duvet cover you are creating a product designed to benefit not only your home but your skin. Silk is recommended for those who want to look after their skin and hair, as it is so smooth and gentle it creates little to no friction preventing tugging on both your hair and delicate skin. Never again will you wake up with crush wrinkles on your skin, and say goodbye to awful bedhead! You have the option to of cotton back in 5 different colors, white silk satin or printed silk. Opt for matching silk pillowcases to complete the luxurious experience.
  • Made to order 
  • Luxurious silk satin material
  • Soft and naturally hypoallergenic 
  • Choose from 6 sizes
  • Printed on the front, reverse side optional
  • The reverse side can be cotton, white silk satin or printed silk
  • 5 different cotton backing color options are available 
  • Optional matching pillowcases are available
  • Silk pillowcase options with matching backing to duvet
  • Full-width opening with easy press studs
  • High-quality and long-lasting print
  • Delivered to your door 
  • Handmade by experts 

Care instructions

Dry clean only recommended, can be hand washed in cold water with silk detergent.

  • Hand Wash
  • Low Heat
  • Dry Cleaning

Personalized Silk Duvet Cover Sizes

Compare your bedding to our duvet cover sizes to ensure your existing bedding fits seamlessly inside:

  • Single 55" x 78.7" (140 cm x 200 cm)
  • Euro Single 61" x 86.6" (155 cm x 220 cm)
  • Double 78.7" x 78.7" (200 cm x 200 cm) 
  • King Size 88.6" x 86.6" (225 cm x 220 cm)
  • Super King Size 102.4" x 86.6" (260 cm x 220 cm)
  • Junior 47.22 x 59" (120 cm x 150 cm)

Benefits of Silk

Silk is a naturally soft and smooth material that is gentle on the skin and hair. Minimal friction results in less tugging, meaning hair breakage is minimized and crush wrinkles are avoided. As it is naturally hypoallergenic, it's perfect for sensitive skin and is extremely breathable. If you like to pile on the creams at night then you can sleep soundly knowing that silk is less likely to absorb moisture from hair, and skin, so you can stay hydrated and looking fresh. This fabric helps to regulate temperature keeping you cool and dry all night long. So if you value a good night's sleep, then a personalized silk duvet cover is the product for you. 

Duvet Stitch Pattern

All sizes apart from the junior have a central stitch line. The stitching will go down the center of your cover in your choice of black or white stitching. As everything is made by hand please take into account minor mismatching may occur, however, we do our best to ensure that this is avoided.

Product size chart UK Duvet Sizes 140
 JuniorSingleEuro SingleDoubleKingSizeSuperKing
Duvet SizeJunior 120 - 150 cm
47 - 59 "
Single 140 - 200 cm
55.12 - 78.7 "
Euro Single 155 - 220 cm
61.02 - 86.6 "
Double 200 - 200 cm
78.7 - 78.7 "
KingSize 225 - 220 cm
88.5 - 86.6 "
SuperKing 260 - 220 cm
102.3 - 86.6 "

    Sleeping should be a luxury experience

    We use only the finest materials, and our silk satin fabric is no exception. With a shiny face, luxury handle, and beautiful drape it will look right at home spread out across your bed. Printed using reactive ink chemistry to produce super bright colors and deep blacks your chosen photos will really pop. Simply upload your images and we will print, sew and package your personalized silk duvet cover all by hand. Fitted with easy-to-use press studs in the duvet opening, making changing the sheets ever so simple. 

    For the bed you will never want to leave 

    Your bed is the place that you go to rest, relax and when you want a bit of comfort, so it is time to invest in your safe place and create a premium nighttime experience. Print a tranquil and relaxing image of your favorite vacation snap to transport you back to good times as you drift off to sleep. 

    The perfect gift for your introverted friend who never wants to leave their bed. Give them yet another reason to stay snuggled up with a personalized silk duvet cover printed with photos. They will adore such a sentimental and thoughtful gift. Use colors and images to complement their room decor, and even add their name for the perfect personal touch.

    For the loved one who has super sensitive skin and allergies, a custom silk duvet cover will do them wonders. The naturally hypoallergenic and cooling silk will help to soothe irritation and keep them and their skin happy. For your mother who is obsessed with all things beauty, this will be an unexpected treat. As silk is smooth, there is very little friction meaning it is gentle on the skin and hair. A win-win and an all-around premium gift. 

    Please be aware that as everything is handmade to order there may be some slight size variances and for the larger sizes your design may be slightly mismatched at the seam. We do our best to make sure that this is minimized, but if you want to avoid this we recommend you choose a pattern or image that will not need to be intricately matched at the seam. 

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