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Custom Scarves

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Custom Scarves

Printed Silk Scarf

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Light, airy and smooth to touch, our printed silk scarf is one of a kind. Our designing process allows you to choose from your own patterns, des...

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Custom Scarves Features

  • Scarves in four sizes
  • Choose from five fabrics
  • Edge to edge printing
  • Full color print on one side
  • Two hemming options
  • Three year guarantee

The best way to elevate an outfit is with custom scarves.

When you can't find something in the store that speaks to you, design something of your own. Our online design interface allows you to add photos, text, and designs onto a printed silk scarf. Custom scarves are a simple and fun way to add color to a neutral outfit, or to liven up a well-loved handbag.
  • Five fabric options
  • Two hemming types
  • Baby hem or three thread overlock
  • Square or long scarves
  • Can also be used as shawls
  • Ideal as head scarves or a pashmina
  • Print with your picture
  • Natural or man-made fabrics
  • Edge to edge printing
  • Printed on one side
  • Natural color on the reverse
  • Tailor-made scarves
  • No minimum order
  • Handmade to order

Care instructions

Dry clean only recommended, can be hand washed in cold water with silk detergent.

  • Hand Wash
  • Low Heat
  • Dry Cleaning

4 Sizing Options:

  • 35.43" x 35.43" (90 x 90cm)
  • 53.15" x 12.20" (135 x 31cm)
  • 52.36" x 41.33" (133 x 105cm)
  • 45.27" x 45.27" (115 x 115cm)

What Will My Custom Scarves Look Like?

When you design your own printed silk scarf, you have the ability to make it look however you want. Choose your favorite fabric from five chic options. From real silk to snuggly soft muslin, there is a fabric fit for every purpose. Your personalized scarf also comes in a range of sizes and hemming options. Go for a large, square shape to create fashion-forward looks, or for a longer and slimmer version to enjoy wrapping it around your neck. Please be aware that natural fabrics have a higher shrinkage than poly fabrics, and allow for this when placing your order. Average shrinkage is 2-8%.

Photos and designs will look simply stunning when printed onto your scarf, you could even create a photo collage scarf if you can't decide. A unique and cutting-edge accessory, that is a guaranteed gift winner!

Quantity Discount

When you buy more, you save more. Treat yourself to a gorgeous handmade scarf and save money when you buy a second. Please get in touch with our customer service team for more information about your wholesale discount options, no minimum order. 


Custom Scarves Canada, made by hand

Every printed silk scarf is handmade to order by our team of skilled craftsmen. From print to cutting, to hemming, there isn't one step in the process that is mass produced. We offer two hem types for your scarf. Baby hem uses 0.31" of material on each side, folded twice then a top stitch approximately 0.08"-0.12" from the edge. The three thread overlock trims off 0.12" fabric and has an overlock edge stitch. 

So many fabric options

When you make your own design online, it is important to consider which fabric you want to use for your custom scarves. Each fabric has different qualities, that make them unique. Our gorgeous silk fabrics are 100% natural, so no chemicals have been used on the fibers. Due to our specialist printing method, you will receive prints that have intense colors. You could also opt for one of our poly blend fabrics, which are printed using a slightly different method and results in rich colors, a stunning way to wear your photography with love. Canada can be a frosty place; why not go with our custom scarf printing?

If opting for Mulmul Muslin, please note that this fabric has a naturally loose yarn, which can help give designs a slight rustic aesthetic. This does not in any way impact the quality of the print, and merely adds to the natural charming qualities of the fabric. As Mulmul has quite loose yarns, you might find that there are slight color and intensity variations. This would be apparent in parts where the tread is looser. We believe this natural attribute helps give designs a gorgeous, almost vintage finish.

Please note: Due to the natural softness of the fabrics and their beautiful, delicate nature, the edges of your scarf can be wavy. This is to be expected, especially on the Georgette. Your scarf will be super soft to the touch, have amazing show through quality, and the print will be long-lasting. As all of our scarves are handmade to order by professionals, there may be some variance in the dimensions, measurements and shapes of these accessories. Also, a predictable amount of shrinkage is likely to occur, this is normal and to be expected, and will be more apparent in the natural fabrics. Average shrinkage is 2-8%. Your scarves will come with a mandatory care label, which can be customized by creating an account and using our Branding Station.

Our Cashmere Wool Fabric is carefully woven on hand looms using these exceptional fibers. During this artisanal process, you may notice subtle flaws, imperfections, and irregularities in the weave, emphasizing the authentic charm of the fabric. Occasionally, small unprinted areas may emerge when fabric fluff sheds during processing, revealing the unprinted fabric beneath, which is a normal occurrence. We set an acceptable tolerance of approximately 1-2 dots per m² to ensure our commitment to quality. Moreover, please keep in mind that due to the nature of this material, hemmed edges may have a gentle scalloping effect and might not precisely match straight lines in your design.

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