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Personalized Hair Skinny Scarf

Personalized Hair Skinny Scarf

Personalized Hair Neckerchief

from $103.00

Sometimes all we need is a silky personalized hair neckerchief to elevate our favorite fit. The skinny self-tie scarf is as elegant as it is ver...

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Custom Hair Neckerchief

  • Versatile accessory
  • An all-over print with your original photos
  • Premium quality Silk Satin or Silk Sensation
  • Choice of black or white thread
  • Self-tie scarf
  • Available in S & L

Good outfit and hair days promised with an ultra-soft personalized skinny hair scarf.

The personalized hair neckerchief is 2.4" wide and made of featherlight Silk Sensation or pure Silk Satin fabric, giving some lovely, soft treatment to that straight or curly head of yours. With a length of up to 75", depending on the size you choose, you have full freedom to wrap the soft-feel tie around your neck, head and hair. Beautiful and expertly handmade, the custom hair neckerchief is a solid beauty investment. You also have the choice of a black or white stitch color to suit your personal style and one print area to customize.
  • Premium quality all-over print  
  • Choice of 100% Silk Satin or Silk Sensation 
  • The perfect multiway accessory  
  • Skinny self-tie scarf  
  • Black or white thread option  
  • A slick look for dressing up or down 
  • Available in sizes S & L 
  • Personalize with your original photos, images & text   
  • Handmade to order 

Care instructions

Silk: Dry clean only recommended, can be hand washed in cold water with silk detergent. Poly: Wash at 30°C/86°F, low tumble dry heat, hang to dry, do not wring, low heat iron.

    The Soft Face and Feel of Your Hair Scarf

    Made from 100% Silk Satin or Silk Sensation, the personalized skinny hair scarf is extra gentle on those stressed-out tresses, braids, or queenly afro. Silk Satin gives the custom hair neckerchief a stunning fluid feel and lasting glossy shine. It moves over the skin so easily and feels almost weightless on your head. We also offer 100% polyester Silk Sensation, which has all the beauty of genuine silk while promising easy care and a swoon-worthy soft luster. It’s a self-tie scarf, too, so you can style it as a neckerchief one day and a luxury bag accessory the next.

    Silky Perfection

    We print your personalized photos and images onto the hair scarf’s silky material using the highest quality fabric printing methods. That way, your prints have all the luxe quality shading, lines, and colors it deserves. We then lovingly hand-cut the personalized hair neckerchief to size and hand stitch with your choice of black or white thread.

    Silky Slick Dressed up or Down

    Ok, so you know that one accessory that works for all occasions. The silky soft one that can look pretty for lounge time just as easily as a dinner date? That’s called a custom silk hair scarf by Bags of Love. There’s really no limit to the styling options here - you can style the custom hair neckerchief as a bow around your signature ponytail, drape or tie it around your bag or arm to suit the day’s mood. Another thing: it’d make for a simply gorgeous accessory to wrap around a custom gift. The Silk Sensation or Silk Satin just makes for a luxurious feel and gives the scarf the best versatility for outfitting. 

    You can also print all over the custom silk hair scarf, and since it’s just one lengthy tape of sleek fabric, it works best with repeat patterns. So you can design yours with a cool, infinitely repeating block colour photo, image or text.  

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