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Personalized Eyeglass Case

Personalized Eyeglass Case

Custom Eyeglass Case

from $103.00

The gift of a personalized eyeglass case is easy to design online, just add your own photos and text to create a truly unique way to store reade...

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Design Your Own Eyeglass Case

  • Fits most sizes of eyeglasses and sunglasses
  • 4" wide x 7" long, Snap top (1/2" wide)* 
  • Made from protective neoprene
  • Your design printed on both sides
  • Black interior
  • Please measure before ordering

Protect your glasses from daily wear and tear with a Bags of Love protective and personalized eyeglass case.

We offer a protective neoprene glasses pouch that is both practical and personal. Our soft glasses pouch can be completely customized to your specifications! Add photos, images, and/or text with our online design system to create something you will be proud of. Each pouch is specially printed and hand-sewn to order at our facility. The custom eyeglass case is small and flexible, meaning it fits easily into your bag instead of being hard to pack and rigid like most glasses cases are. Despite being sleek, our glasses pouch is fully protective and will not allow your lenses to get damaged. It's a perfect present for birthdays and holidays.
  • Both sides printed with your photos
  • Fits all glasses sizes apart from XL
  • Flexible, tough Neoprene for maximum padding
  • Snap top closure adds more protection
  • Compact size makes it ideal for handbags, pockets
  • Add text for identification
  • 3.7" x 6.7"
  • Handmade 

Care instructions

Surface wipe only. Clean gently by hand with mild soapy damp cloth.

  • Wipe Down
  • No Soak


How Will My Personalized Eyeglass Case Look?

Neoprene has a subtle soft sheen, allowing it to reflect light ever so slightly despite its matte finish. We print your photos, design or text onto both sides, so this really is a bespoke gift for yourself or a loved one.

Quantity Discount

Like many of our products, the custom eyeglass case comes with a quantity discount, so buy more than 1 today and save money.

Handmade by professionals

Your personalized eyeglass case is handmade to order, where our textile professionals use specialist printing processes and traditional sewing techniques to bring your creation to life. The spongy Neoprene naturally relaxes in thickness over a few days, making it far more manipulative and versatile.

Care: Cold delicate wash only, or regularly wipe clean with a damp cloth to prevent tough stains from building up.

Personalized protection and support

The shape of your personalized eyeglass case is specially designed to add support and ensure your eyewear is properly protected. This means it has curves! So, when choosing your photo or pattern, be aware that it will be tucked in at the sides to create a robust design.

Design your own eyeglass case for Gran! Print a happy family photo or their beloved pooch or kitty cat. Bold patterns and colorful designs are not just beautiful but they make finding your bespoke case much easier if you’ve happened to misplace it! If your whole family wears glasses, personalizing cases with your individual names would be a cute way to make sure there’s never a case of mistaken identity! For a cool holiday accessory to keep your sunglasses in and away from rogue sun lotion spills, customize your photo glasses case with your favorite holiday snap or a photo of a tropical sunset.

We think matching His & Hers photo glasses cases would make a lovely gift for grandparents, or take them back down memory lane with a photo of their wedding day. Personalized sunglasses cases would look great in any fashionista’s handbag or hand luggage when going on their exotic holidays abroad. If you or a loved one uses multiple glasses for various reasons, customization is the ideal way to keep everything organized and to know where each pair of glasses are at all times. 

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