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Personalized Designer Keyrings

Personalized Designer Keyrings

Custom Luxury Keyring

from $103.00

These personalized designer keyrings are beautifully handmade in our workshop and can be made truly unique to you. Decorate with your own photos...

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Personalized Designer Keyrings

  • Choose from five shapes
  • Made using smooth or textured Nappa leather
  • Double sided for more design space
  • Colored stitching and matching edge paint
  • Perfect house-warming or first car gift
  • Easy to clean

Create your own personalized designer keyrings and never lose your keys again.

Decorate your own custom luxury keyrings with your favorite photo or photos, attach your keys, and never lose them again. You can choose your shape, material, metal color, and even stitch color to make your personalized designer keyrings truly bespoke to you. Your shape choices include heart, round, oval, capsule, and rectangle.
  • Perfect house-warming gift for family and friends 
  • Made using a high-quality Nappa leather
  • Heart: 3.0" x 2.9", 0.5 oz
  • Round: 2.6", 0.4 oz
  • Rectangle: 2.9" x 2.2", 0.4 oz
  • Choose from 5 stitch colors & matching edge paint
  • Available with either gold or silver metalwork
  • Leather edges are carefully hand-painted
  • Doubled sided for more photo space 
  • Finished with a split ring to attach keys to 
  • Can be clean with a damp cloth 

Care instructions

Wipe clean only.

  • Wipe Down
  • Do Not Wash

Personalized designer keyrings are a great gift idea for anyone

Whether it's a new home or car, help friends and family celebrate the occasion with custom luxury keyrings using their favorite holiday snaps or pet selfies. You can also add text to make your keyring as unique as you.

Long-lasting Nappa leather 

Your personalized designer keyrings will be made with either Nappa leather. Our Nappa leather keyrings are available with a smooth or textured finish, which you can experiment within the design phase. 

We use Nappa leather as it is exceptionally high-quality leather that is lightweight and perfect for printing. The inks are infused deep into the fibers, to ensure a fade-resistant, long-lasting copy of your favorite photos. 

Your photos, our expert technicians 

Using the pre-sets you have requested in your order, our team of expert leather workers and seamstresses will lovingly print, cut, and sew together your personalized designer keyrings right here in our studio. 

Your photos are first printed onto your chosen material: Smooth or textured leather. Two pieces are then cut into the shape of your preference. These pieces are then hand-painted along the edges in a choice of 5 colors that you can select from the design interface. Multiple layers of paint are carefully added to ensure a bold and bright color.

The two pieces are then stitched together and a spongy insert is added to give the premium keyring a soft, squishy feel. The metal split ring is added and the keyring is stitched up. 

One last check by our quality team and your custom luxury keyrings are ready to be sent directly to you.

How to design your personalized designer keyrings

There are a lot of decisions to be made when designing your custom luxury keyrings, but our design interface has a 'product view' option that will help you visualize your ideas every step of the way.

1. Consider your photos and/or text

Before making decisions about shapes and stitch colors, it's a good idea to have a photo or design in mind. That way, you'll be able to decide what shape and colors to use. Remember both sides of the personalized designer keyrings can be designed, so you can have a different photo on either side or add a sweet message to one side. With any of the shapes, there is going to be a small hole in the design where the split ring will be attached, so bear this in mind when choosing photos that have faces or important details on. It's a good idea to ensure all faces and details are central in the photo to avoid the bleed area where the hole and stitching will be.

2. Choose your shape

The first main decision to make is what shape you would like your keyring to be. If you're making it for your partner as an anniversary or Valentine's Day gift, it might be nice to opt for a heart-shaped keyring. If it's a group photo with quite a lot of people, you might find that a rectangle works better, or a round keyring would look great for pet pictures or holiday snaps. The oval shape is great for portrait oriented photos, and the capsule shape looks lovely featuring text.

3. Choose your material finish

Our luxury leather keyrings are made using two pieces of Nappa leather, but you can choose whether the leather is textured or smooth. The smooth leather will offer a 'flat' base for your print, while the textured option will give your designer keyring that authentic leather feel - with natural creasing and lines. The design interface will allow you to gauge how your photos would look on both options. 

4. Choose your paint and stitch color

Once you've decided on a photo, shape, and even the material finish, there are even more decisions to make to help your make your personalized designer keyring truly unique. Each piece of leather is hand-painted at the edges, and the finished keyring has visible stitching. You can choose from black, cream, red, blue or brown. Red and blue paint and stitches are great for adding a pop of color to black and white photo keyrings; alternatively, using the neutral shades will help keep the focus on your design. 

5. Finally, choose your metalwork 

The metalwork can either be gold or silver, and there's really no right or wrong answer. Consider the keyrings you already have or the color of your key. You will also be able to view how each metal looks with your design before confirming your order. 

Once you're happy with your design, we will receive your order and get straight to work.

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