Personalized Bolster Pillow

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Personalized Bolster Pillow

Custom Long Pillow

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Use our simple online design system to put photos, text, or a specific design onto your personalized bolst...

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Design Your Own Bolster Pillow

  • Available in two sizes
  • Zipper with heart-shaped pull tab
  • Cover made from Soft Velvet
  • Adds a personal touch to any living space
  • Polyester fiber insert included
  • Handmade to order

We are sure you've seen bolster pillows before, but none of them compare to our personalized bolster pillow.

Using our online design system, you can choose what photos, images, and text you want on your custom long pillow. After your design is completed and your order is placed, we print directly onto the fabric. Our experts then hand-stitch the printed fabric into your personalized bolster pillow. The final product is sure to impress, and add a personal touch to any space! Perfect for curling up with a book or watching a movie with friends and family, this large fluffy pillow will keep you and many others comfortable for hours on end. Looking for the perfect birthday present or wedding gift? Our personalized bolster pillows are such a simple, yet incredibly unique idea! Easy to design and made by hand, these bolster pillows really show the recipient that you care.
  • Lovingly handmade 
  • Choose from 2 sizes
  • Printed all over on the front and back
  • Made from luxurious Soft Velvet
  • Polyester fiber padding
  • Removable cover for washing
  • Features elegant heart zip pendant
  • Permanent, vibrant print
  • Perfect as unique home decoration

Care instructions

Wash at 30°C / 86°F, low tumble dry heat, hang to dry, do not wring, low heat iron.

  • Wash At 30°C / 86°F
  • Wash at 30°C / 85°F
  • Tumble 1
  • Low Heat

Luxury Decorative Bolster Pillows

We didn't just want to produce any old bolster pillow; we wanted to create a luxurious pillow, which is why we made the cover out of Soft Velvet fabric. This fabric is so gorgeous and so touchable, that you just won't want to stop stroking it. Give it a go and see - you won't find any other custom long pillow as velvety soft as this one.

Custom Long Pillow Sizes:

  • 25.5" (6-8" diameter)
  • 33.5" (6-8" diameter)

Washing Instructions: 

Spot wash or machine wash cold at 86º F, lay flat to dry.

No Pillow Fighting, Please!

Please be aware that we strongly discourage pillow-fights, whack-a-human, and any other shenanigans that involved hitting with these pillows. They have a zipper with a pull that may catch someone in the eye or face if they are used for pillow fighting. Please play safe, perhaps with our other pillows that are zipper-free!

No pillow fighting

Expertly handcrafted, this personalized bolster pillow is totally one of a kind. We print your photos directly onto the luscious Soft Velvet surface, fusing the ink deep into the fibers to create a permanent, vibrant print. The cushion is hand sewn together, and a polyester fiber padding is inserted to ensure it's nice and plump. The zip is finished with a heart pendant, an extra little token displaying the premium quality of your personalized bolster pillow.

Care: The Soft Velvet cover option on your custom long pillow is detachable via the zip and can be machine washed at 86° F. This will ensure your cushion retains its amazing print and keep the velvet pile in pristine condition. Please note, like many of our other cushions, they feature a zip, so we do not condone pillow fighting using these cushions.

Great for gifting

You get to customize both the front and back of your long bolster cushion, giving you the opportunity to essentially have two in one. You could print contrasting designs so whenever you feel like switching up the mood, it's effortless to do so. When designing, bear in mind the lengthy, landscape orientation. If you're looking to print one photograph, it might look distorted when blown up to a big proportion so make sure to scale it down and edit the picture in the design interface. Another option is to create a collage, featuring several different photos. Messages are a popular choice for the long bolster cushion, as it gives you the space to say something heartfelt with meaning, instead of just a few characters. 

A great newlyweds gift, create a sentimental personalized bolster pillow for a couple of newlyweds to proudly display in their home. Featuring their new joint surname, or individual names, it's a totally original gift idea that is a keepsake as well as useful. Soft and lightweight, it's also ideal for taking to the venue without any fuss. Create a housewarming present with a custom long pillow, a perfect gift for anybody about to move house. Print the date with a picture of their new road sign as a fun way of celebrating the moment. Or if their previous home has many memories attached to it, find the photos and print a collage on your personalized bolster pillow, perfect for igniting nostalgia.

Design your own kids' bed cushion and encourage your young ones to get excited for bedtime with a unique bolster cushion just for them. It can be printed with their favorite superhero or cartoon princess and a positive message about sleep. Or, you could choose a family photo and their name to make a personalized cushion that reminds them of mum and dad.

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