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Men's Printed Pants

Men's printed pants, made to order are not commonplace, but we feel that they should be! That's why we are growing our range of trousers for men, that are all made to order and printed with your photos and memories. Printed pants open up a whole new world of possibilities, and we have made sure that you can choose as many options as possible, from the fabric and size to the fine detailing as well as the design itself.

Bespoke Men's Trousers

All of our trousers for men are design in-house. We have a specialist clothing designer who focuses on comfort, style and a number of other important factors when creating a new garment. Each pattern is exclusive and is sized for a multitude of sizes. These sizes are then measured in both inches and centimeters and put into a handy chart so that you can choose exactly the best fit for you. 

Men's Printed Pants

As many of the options as possible are left up to you. This does vary between each piece of clothing, but we like you to not only be able to choose your design but your fabric, thread color, drawstring and where possible other features like the length and cut that suits you best. You will find all of the customisable options within the online design interface, and your changes will be updated in the preview in real time, so you can easily see exactly how it will look. The design tool also allows you to add text - for a name, initials or even a slogan - as well as to repeat a pattern, which is great for faces or logos. 

A brief history

Trousers have been around forever, or at least it feels that way. Recorded as far back as the 13th-10th century BC, trousers are thought to have originated in East Asia. At their dawning, trousers were a unisex garment, however, throughout most of modern history they have been perceived as a masculine item of clothing and in some cultures they still very much are. The oldest known pair of trousers can currently be found in Turpan, Xinjiang, which is in Western China. These are made from wool with straight legs and a wide crotch and are believed to have been used for horseback riding. They can currently be found at the Yanghai cemetery. 

Styles of trousers for men

Since inception, trousers have changed very little in terms of their basic design. They consist of two 'leg-holes' and for the most part, are worn from the waist to the ankle. There have been numerous small changes over time, however. Belt loops were introduced, as was the fly - both zip and button. Cuffs began to be included in the designs for these garments as well as, in some cases, pleats. There were points in time where trousers featuring turn-ups became incredibly popular. The turn-ups would often be either pressed or stitched in place. 

Shorts - or short trousers - have also varied in popularity throughout the years. We now tend to wear shorts when the weather is nicer, or we need the added movement or a cooler garment (for example when participating in sports) and then trousers throughout the colder seasons. 

The length and tightness of trousers for men have also changed a lot across history. Varying by period, class and location. Different fabrics have been used, from the wool or linen that was used in the early years to leather, cotton and silk which were introduced just before the medieval period. Sailors pioneered the use of denim in trousers in the 17th and 18th centuries, which became very popular due to the hard-wearing nature, and thus saw the birth of what we now know as jeans. 

Printing on men's trousers

The introduction of modern materials has meant that we can do so much more with trousers for men. Fabrics are now not only grown but are manufactured too, and the introduction of poly fabrics means that we can tailor materials which suit our desired needs. Durability, resistance, breathability, how it looks or feels, how easy it is to care for; all of these properties are things that we can keep in mind when creating new fabrics. Trousers for men then became more exciting, more colored, in some cases patterns were introduced. But we still didn't think it was enough. 

Personalized printed pants

Enter Bags of Love. We have created a number of men's trousers, handmade to order, printed, cut and sewn in our bespoke facility. What makes these trousers for men magical, is that the prints are designed by you. Use your favorite photos, upload your child's artwork, become a digital designer - the power is in your hands. You choose the size, the fabric and in most cases many of the smaller details too, and then create your own photo shorts, printed pajamas or personalized men's trousers, handmade to order, and sent out to you in just a matter of days.