Personalized Fabric Labels

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Create your own custom fabric labels for handmade items for that professional look. Handmade items love our Personalized Fabric Labels. Design Custom fabric tags on-line and print your own sew in labels for quilts, apparel, handmade and knitted items. No minimum order required and sent fast.

  • Ready in 1 - 2 day(s)

  • Handmade

  • Delivery: $9

  • Quantity discount

Design Custom Fabric Sewing Labels

  • Smooth satin artisan garment labels 5.60 oz
  • 12 sizes, sold in Packs of 20+ (no set up fee)
  • Printed in full color & easy to design
  • Build your brand with minimal outlay
  • First time? Get our full sample set here

Label Design Tips

For the very best results when you design your own fabric labels, keep your label design clean and bold. Do not use font sizes under 10pt. Keep in mind the label size you are producing and avoid lightweight or fine fonts. Small labels only have room for a logo. For care labels with lots of instruction text, choose a larger label. Here are some useful layout tips for great custom clothing brand labels.


Personalized Fabric and Clothing Labels for Handmade Items

Made from 100% polyester satin fabric, our clothing and fabric labels offer outstanding wear and abrasion resistance to make them the perfect addition to any apparel item. Complete your personal collection or clothing line with these easy to design fabric and clothing labels. Order 20, 40, or 100 for that limited-edition professional style. These garment labels are perfect for the budding and experienced fashion designers as well as for indie or hipster labels. Design both the front and back of your custom clothing labels for that added personal touch! We even have washing instruction images for you to choose from in our online design library. Design Personalized Fabric Labels online in our easy to sue system.

Since our Custom Fabric Labels are made with polyester satin fabric, they won't scratch or irritate the wearer. So instead of ripping off the personalized fabric tags, they'll keep it on and have a subtle reminder of who designed their garment.


Instant Brand Recognition with Garment Tags

Brand recognition is key these days, and our personalized fabric and clothing labels can help you gain a competitive edge. Our garment labels can be used on any article of clothing: from T-Shirts to boxer shorts, jackets to footwear. These labels are sure to satisfy with their smooth, lustrous, and luxurious appearance, giving your finished garment an added touch of extravagance.


The Types Of Labels We Make For You

1. Folded: with a closed edge and the cut edge is to be sewn in. If you are creating a folded label, see this advice: how to position your design on a folded label.

2 Flat: with heat sealed cut edges. The ends are meant to be folded, sealed to be non-fray. All the flat labels, or custom fabric tags, have 0.5" seam allowance added to each side (on top of the stated fabric label size). You can sew flat with no fold, and probably best if you scissor cut our edge off, but there will be risk of fraying.

  • Custom clothing brand labels, sold in packs of 20, 40, 100 & 200 labels (and we always add a few extra)
  • Folded - 1"x1", 0.75"x1.4", 1.4"x1.4", 1.55"x1", 2"x1", 2"x2" (2.5x2.5cm, 1.9x3.5cm, 3.5x3.5cm, 2.9x2.5cm, 5x2.5cm, 5x5cm)
  • Flat - personalized fabric tags 1.4"x0.6", 2"x0.6", 2"x1.4", 2"x2", 3.1"x2", 2.75"x1", 3.5"x2.75" (3.5x1.5cm, 5x1.5cm, 5x3.5cm, 5x5cm, 8x5cm, 7x2.5cm, 9x7cm)
  • Full color print, and easy to design on-line in our preview
  • Reverse side not printed (white)
  • Washing machine and dryer safe
  • Sewing allowance on each label (see preview)
  • Free care instruction icons in image library

*All custom garment labels contain extra space to allow for easy sewing into any piece of apparel or soft handmade item. Whilst we use a woven satin fabric, your labels are not embroidered. They are printed on to give you the greater advantage of excellent color print, full brand logo and better readability.

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