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Embroidered Keychain

Embroidered Keychain

Embroidered Keyring

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Give them something they'll never forget: an embroidered keyring with their initial stitched on. With a variety of choices including the thread...

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Embroidered Keychain

  • Modern rectangular shape
  • Smooth black 100% Nappa leather
  • Measures 3" x 2.2"
  • Choose silver or gold metalwork
  • Thread & edge paint: cream, red, blue, brown, black

Attach this luxury embroidered keychain to their bag and watch them fall in love.

Gift a 100% leather embroidered keyring to the person who has everything. The black Nappa is sumptuous, smooth, and goes with any handbag or set of keys. They'll love how personal their keyring is, stitched with their initial in a gorgeous combination of colors and styles to perfectly suit them. You can choose from a range of thread colors: cream, red, blue, brown, and black. This embroidered keyring even features a hand-painted edge around the side in the same color as your thread. Opt for silver or gold metalwork to match their jewelry, complexion, or just their favorite color. These small details really make the custom embroidered leather keyring stand out, and your recipient will be touched by the thought that went into designing it.
  • Embroidered leather keyring
  • Cream, red, blue, brown or black thread
  • Hand-painted edges match thread color
  • Sleek, smooth black 100% Nappa leather 
  • Made from repurposed leather
  • Contemporary rectangular shape
  • Rounded corners for added style
  • Choice of font and color for letter
  • Cushioned between the leather layers 
  • Select either gold or silver metalwork
  • Measures 3" x 2.2"
  • Weighs approx. 15g
  • Initial is approx. 1" tall
  • Handmade to order by expert leatherworkers

Care instructions

Surface wipe only. Clean gently by hand with mild soapy damp cloth.

  • Wipe Down
  • No Soak

Upgrade their keys 

Their keys will never be the same once they add this luxury leather embroidered keyring to them. With their initial emblazoned on the front, there's no mistaking who their keys belong to. These are a meaningful and impressive gift for teenagers getting their first car, newlyweds who just moved into their first home together, or a business owner who just moved into a new office. Basically, if they're getting a new key, this embroidered keychain is the perfect way to celebrate. 

Premium Quality

From the moment you see these keyrings, you can tell they stand apart from the rest. The sleek, smooth Nappa leather provides a striking contrast with the colorful thread, giving a classy but eye-catching appearance. We use the same high-end leathers to make your keyring as we do for our deluxe handbags. The smaller pieces of leather that we couldn't incorporate into the finished bag become repurposed into these gorgeous keyrings, which means we're able to use as much of the leather as possible and prevent excess waste. We use two pieces of leather and quilted padding in between to give the keyring an opulent cushioned feel. The coordinated top stitching and painted edge offer a bespoke finish that really takes your custom embroidered keyring to the next level. They use their keys every day, so why not treat them to a touch of luxury? 

Small but mighty embroidered keyrings

Expert craftsmanship is at the heart of your keyring, from start to finish. Your embroidered keychain starts off as a piece of smooth black leather that has been repurposed from bagmaking cuttings. We then stitch the initial in your chosen thread color using our state-of-the-art embroidery technology, ensuring a perfect finish. We then add padding and a second layer of black leather. It's carefully stitched in the color of your choice, and the edges are hand-painted to match. The result is a truly bespoke embroidered keyring made to your specifications. 

Colour Combos

Not only can you select the embroidery stitching color of your initial, but you can also customize the top stitch and painted edge in another color. That means you can create a color palette perfectly suited to your recipient. If you know their favorite color, choose it for the thread, edge and initial for a clean, uniform look. Alternatively, opt for a neutral thread and edge color, like black, to really make their initial pop. No matter which combination you choose, your recipient is going to love the thought you put into their leather embroidered keyring. 

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