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Custom Vanity Stool

Custom Vanity Stool

Footstool Made to Order Made in the UKMade in the UK

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Our custom vanity stool is an excellent choice to add style and comfort to your home decor. Whether you're looking for a child's seat, coffee table, or even a pet bed for your furry friends, there are plenty of ways you can use your footstool. Simply pick your photos, patterns or artwork and leave the rest to us. Our in-house team will use the finest fabric and eco-friendly wood to create a footstool made to order by hand. This unique piece of furniture is sure to complement your lounge and will also make a thoughtful gift to make someone smile. 

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Bespoke Vanity Stool

  • Multipurpose for indoor use
  • FSC certified birch plywood
  • Custom printed with your photos
  • Beech wood cone-shaped legs
  • Fire retardant Chichi velour fabric
  • Professionally handmade

Get ready for the day with a seat on your custom vanity stool.

Not only can it complement any room you add it to, but your footstool will also become your favorite reliable furniture. Bring your footstool from room to room to fulfill all your domestic needs, like in front of your vanity or as a footrest in front of the TV. Whatever print, photo, or text you want, we use a state-of-the-art printing system to transfer your image onto the softest and smoothest Chichi Velour fabric. Followed by FSC approved beech for cone-shaped legs, our upholstery technicians carefully handmake your footstool from scratch.

  • Luxurious ChiChi Velour
  • FSC certified birch plywood
  • Print 1 design on top and sides 
  • Height approx 15.7"
  • Weight approx 7.7lbs
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Multipurpose use 
  • Fire retardant fabric 
  • Full-color print 
  • Cushion depth of 5.5" for comfort
  • Footstool made to order

Care instructions

Surface wipe only. Clean gently by hand with mild soapy damp cloth.

  • Wipe Down
  • No Soak

Dimensions for your custom vanity stool

We have 3 shapes and sizes available when you're looking for the perfect bespoke vanity stool for your home. Our round, square, and hexagon shapes will fit any style of room or furniture because of their contemporary design. 


Dimension for square footstool

  • Length - 14.9"
  • Width - 14.9"
  • Height - 15.7"


Dimension for round footstool


  • Width - 16.5"
  • Height - 15.7"


Dimension for hexagon footstool


  • Width - 16.5"
  • Height - 15.7"

For all 3 of our footstools, the cushion depth is 5.5", leg height 9.8", 0.2" thick felt feet that measure 0.8" in diameter. Overall weight is 7.7lbs making sure it is sturdy and easy to move around safely. 

Make a Collage

If you can’t decide on which photo to use, you can upload multiple images and create a photo collage. This can be done using one of our pre-set montage templates, or you can create your own entirely from scratch. It’s super easy to do and the possibilities are endless.

photo collage

How to add your collage to your product

Step 1 – Click the start design button & select your product options.

Step 2 – Go to the ‘Images & Text Tools’ tab, click the ‘add images/Text’ button on your product & ‘Select Images to Upload’ or use the Facebook/Instagram tabs.

Step 3 – Choose the images you want to use for your collage, upload & select them from the uploaded photos list.

Step 4 – Click ‘Create montage’ & select your collage style.

Step 5 – Add the collage to your design.

Hints and Tips

  • The more images you add to your collage the smaller each image will be. Fewer images will be larger and give you more clarity and detail.
  • The more people in an image, the less detail there will be. If you have 10 images of a group of five friends, each person will be smaller than if you have 10 images on just one person.
  • Try to make sure that the longest side of each image is around 3.93". There is a handy ruler built into the design tool to help you with this.
  • Smaller products will not be able to fit as many images as larger ones will.

Handmade by our expert team

We use all the best techniques and materials to create your custom vanity stool. Our skilled furniture designers build the frame from FSC certified birch plywood so you know it’s responsibly sourced. The fire retardant foam padding is added to provide a soft seat, then our skilled technicians will take it through a dye sublimation process using eco-friendly inks to transfer your image onto smooth ChiChi velour. This binds the inks with the material for long-lasting color. We cover the foam and frame with your printed fabric then add a black lining material on the bottom. Finally, the little cone legs are fixed at the bottom for a stylish and contemporary finish.

Multipurpose Footstool Made to Order

Once you have chosen the shape for your custom vanity stool, choose one design that will be printed on the top and one design printed on the sides. For the round footstool, one design will be printed on top and one long strip will be wrapped around the side of the footstool. Note that for the square and hexagon footstool you'll have to design one of the side panels first which will be repeated on each of the other sides. In total that would be 6 sides on the hexagon footstool, and 4 sides on the square footstool.

Bear in mind the repeated patterns will not be joined at the seams, so you'll want to use the design tool to experiment with solid colors to mix and match with the color scheme on the top surface of your footstool. This is a great way to add a bit of contrast to each panel.

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