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Custom Tins With Photos

Our personalized tins have a wide range of uses, from keeping cookies fresh to storing your sewing kit or photos. Design your own custom tins and create a cute gift for someone.

Custom Photo Tins

Design your own personalized tins to keep trinkets and mementos safe. This is a cute gift for your anniversary, as you can collect little items throughout the year that symbolize your love and gift your partner with them in custom tins. Or for a unique take on wedding favors, custom tins can be printed with a special message on the lid thanking guests for attending your special day. Inside can be sweets, potpourri or gem stones for that extra touch. These also make the perfect 10th wedding anniversary gifts, as tin is the traditional gift for celebrating a decade of marriage.

Our custom photo tin boxes are also useful everyday household items, perfect for keeping your biscuits nice and fresh to storing your sewing kit. Available in different shapes and sizes, you can design one for anybody. (All our tins are 100% safe for food and ingredients, coated with a recognized food safety coating.)