Photo Printed T-Shirts

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Our all over t-shirts are unlike any other because we print edge to edge and all over the t-shirt, rather then just a rectangle on the chest. We print directly into the fabric this means no fading, cracking, or peeling. Make your own t shirt in high quality prints with amazing results.

  • Ready in 1 - 2 day(s)

  • Handmade

  • Delivery: $8.99

  • Quantity discount

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Design Your Own Printed T-Shirt

  • Range of size selections inc custom plus size t shirts
  • Front and Back, edge to edge printing
  • Deep fiber color-printing
  • Soft, comfortable material
  • 2 year Guarantee on print, material and stitching finish

Body size chart
How to measure
XS 86 - 91 cm
34 - 36 "
S 91 - 96 cm
36 - 38 "
M 96 - 101 cm
38 - 40 "
L 101 - 106 cm
40 - 42 "
XL 106 - 111 cm
42 - 44 "
2XL 111 - 119 cm
44 - 47 "

Conversion size chart
USA Mens Waist XS 28
S 30
M 32
L 34
XL 36
2XL 39

Design Your Own Photo T-Shirt

It has never been easier for you design your very own wardrobe. Our all over print photo t-shirts are made with the best of materials, using soft and durable fabrics. Plus, they are deep color printed edge to edge and hand sewn together so that you get the best product available. You can even have the same or different image printed on the back as well.

Can't choose just one photo? No problem! Upload several pictures into our online design system and create a photo collage on your shirt. Fun and creative, the collage t-shirt is a fashionable way to display all of your best pictures for everyone to see. So get designing online today and create your own t shirt.


Personalized T Shirts You Design

Here at Bags Of Love facility we custom made t shirts all day long. We have terrific print and durable material that allow our custom printed t shirts to have a 2 year guarantee. We take great care making personalized t shirts, getting the print to exactly match what you see in our online t shirt design tools. Our system give you an easy way to customize your own shirt. What you see is what you get and only in a few days.


T Shirt Design TIPS

Do not try and design to have certain parts of your image line up exactly with hems, seams or cuffs - the registration in the printing process is unable to be that accurate. We cannot guarantee 100% accuracy due to the way textile stretches and moves in the printing process. Ask for our PDF templates if required and bleed must be filled to avoid white lines on the edge of your design. Please note the product preview is an approximation of how your order will look and finished items will vary from print to print.

Pressing-problem-on-T-shirt Probleme beim T-Shirt-Druck

T Shirt Care:

To take care of your t-shirt, always refer to the label. Wash at 85 degree F. Do not tumble dry. Dry flat.2 year guarantee on print, material and stitching finish. Please note: It is mandatory to have a composition label attached to the t-shirt. However, if you would prefer not to have them on your finished t-shirt, they can be easily cut off. 

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