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All-Over Print Sports Bra

All-Over Print Sports Bra

Design Your Own Gym Bra

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No workout is complete without a sports bra to keep you feeling secure and confident. This all-over print sports bra is thoughtfully made from a...

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Custom Sports Bra

  • Made from Flex Sports Lycra
  • Sizes 2XS-7XL
  • Provides light support and is double layered
  • Seven binding color choices
  • Eight panels to design
  • Each one is handmade to order

The all-over print sports bra is perfect for low-impact activities like yoga or pilates.

It provides a light level of support but still keeps you feeling secure, thanks to the double layer of Flex Sport Lycra fabric. This fabric has built-in compression so that you're comfortably held in while you're twisting into downward dog or doing sets of lunges. You'll be looking forward to a satisfying workout when you get to wear a personalized sports bra. There are eight different panels that you can design, plus you'll be able to select the binding color and the stitch color. With so many options to design your own gym bra, you can create something that you would never find in a shop. We'll handmake the sports bra with plenty of care so that it's perfect for you.
  • Flex Sport Lycra fabric
  • Built-in compression
  • Available in 2XS-7XL
  • Double layered for support
  • Stretch binding in 7 colors
  • Soft elastic band
  • Design 8 panels
  • Black or white cover stitching
  • Designed for low impact & light support
  • Completely handmade to order

Care instructions

Turn inside out before washing. Iron on the reverse of the printed side. 86°F wash. Low tumble heat. Do not wring. Low heat iron. Steam safe.

  • Wash At 30°C / 86°F
  • Wash at 30°C / 85°F
  • Tumble 1
  • No Wring
  • Low Heat
  • Steam Safe

All the Perks

In addition to being supportive and having built-in compression, the Flex Sports Lycra has plenty of useful properties. Most importantly, it's breathable and temperature regulating, so you won't overheat and you can focus on enjoying your workout. The fabric also provides UV protection, which is helpful for keeping your skin safe if you're doing your exercise outside. Each all-over print sports bra is double layered with the lycra, which means you get double the benefits! 

Measure Yourself To Find The Right Size Womens Fashion Range
Bust2XS. 76 - 80 cm
30 - 31.5 "
XS. 80 - 84 cm
31.5 - 33 "
S. 84 - 88.5 cm
33 - 34.5 "
M. 88.5 - 93 cm
34.5 - 36.5 "
L. 93 - 99 cm
36.5 - 39 "
XL. 99 - 105 cm
39 - 41.3 "
2XL. 105 - 112 cm
41.3 - 44 "
3XL. 112 - 119 cm
44 - 46.9 "
4XL. 119 - 126 cm
46.9 - 49.6 "
5XL. 126 - 133 cm
49.6 - 52.4 "
6XL. 133 - 140 cm
52.4 - 55.1 "
7XL. 140 - 147 cm
55.1 - 57.9 "
  • Bust Measure around the fullest part.

Made With Quality in Mind

We handmake each one of our garments, and this all-over print sports bra is no exception. We begin by printing the lycra with your designs, ensuring each panel is printed how you intended. Then we cut and sew the fabric, adding the binding around the edges and the elastic band on the bottom. Once everything is pieced and stitched together, we quality check your custom sports bra before sending it to you.

Your Design, Your Way

With up to eight areas to customize, there's a bit to think about. But don't worry, it's not complicated! To design your own gym bra, simply upload your patterns or images to the design interface. You can use them to customize the front, back, both side panels, both shoulder straps, and the front and back of the elastic band. Your design will be mirrored on the inside of the all-over print sports bra, except for the elastic band. As for what to put on each panel, the front would be best if you want to use a landscape image. We would recommend keeping the focal point in the center, slightly shifted toward the bottom to avoid getting cut off by the neckline and straps. The rest of the panels are great for solid colors or repeat patterns. Just note that your designs may not align perfectly across the stitching. The binding comes in seven colors, so pick one that matches your design or gives a fun contrast. 

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