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Custom Phone Cases Canada

Make your own case for selfie queens & texting kings. On trend and all the rage, we have personalized phone cases for a range of Iphone & Samsung models.

How to Make Your Own Photo Phone Cases

Following the crowd is out, being original is in. Personalized phone cases are perfect for showing our unique style and identity. Whether you choose to print a name, bold tribal pattern or a cherished photo, what's guaranteed is that it's 100% bespoke to you. This helps in situations where you might misplace your phone, as you can give a detailed description and there'll be no two cases like it. 

We have custom phone cases, Canada express delivery, with a selection of iPhone and Samsung models - just make sure you select the right model! Within our design system you can upload photos, add text, apply filters, create tile effects, so there are endless possibilities on how to customize your case. Girls will love a phone case personalized with their favorite pop singer, or design one for your son/grandson featuring his sports idol. Have fun!