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Custom Pennants

Custom Bunting

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Celebrate in style by designing custom pennants. Our high-quality custom bunting can be used both indoors...

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  • 1 $79.00
  • 3 $59.00 Each (Save $60.00)

Create Your Own Bunting

  • 393.70" of bunting in two 196.85" strips
  • Sewn-in strips, ready to hang
  • Choose between a triangle or square design
  • Triangle Design: 3.5 flags per meter, 30 total
  • Square Design: 2 flags per meter, 20 total
  • Printed on one side only

Our custom pennant flags are perfect for any occasion or celebration.

Create your own your custom bunting flags with images, photos, or text to make the party extra special. Bags of Love personalized bunting comes in either square or triangle styles, are simple to hang, and easy to fold and store. All of the custom buntings are handmade and created with a dye that penetrates deep into the fibers to ensure outstanding results. You will be sure to celebrate in style with a custom bunting as decoration at your next party or event.
  • Design either in square or traditional triangle
  • Your photos printed on the front
  • Sewn into two strips of five meters
  • Triangle design: 1.1 flags per foot, 30 flags in total
  • Square design: 1.6 flags per foot, 20 flags in total
  • Approx. weight: 9.9 oz
  • Sewn together by expert seamstresses
  • Made to order with your photos or design

Care instructions

Surface wipe only. Clean gently by hand with mild soapy damp cloth.

  • Wipe Down
  • No Soak

For any holiday or occasion

  • Christmas decor bunting
  • Birthday bunting flags
  • Wedding bunting
  • Celebrations
  • Street Parties
  • Sporting Events

Design Your Custom Pennants Online

We have a facility where you can make your own bunting with your designs. Add photos for custom photo banner or photo bunting, or make custom patriotic banners too. Because you have full design control you can make different colored custom bunting, so if you need a shade of blue bunting or an exact match yellow bunting, we can make it for you to suit your setting. You can choose triangle bunting or square bunting flags to personalize. Either way, these custom party banners will look great and add a touch or quality too. Keep in mind we print on one side only. 

Special Event Bunting

We are the bunting manufactures of choice for so many organizations, families and groups. We make gorgeous fancy wedding bunting personalized with bride and groom photos, and birthday bunting for the hero of the day. Most people create photo bunting or photo banners with our bunting and it looks and feels fantastic. It's well made, strong, and will last a lifetime.

Care: The material (latex) isn't waterproof itself, but the inks will survive the outdoors, rain and damp conditions, so your design won't run or peel off. Your bunting will dry off and be good as new.

Made to last

Our print technicians print your designs onto each of the flags individually using scroll fabric and a state of the art digital printing technology. This infuses the eco-friendly inks deep into the fibers of the fabric for a long lasting finish. 

Our craftsmen then cut each flag to size, using the shape that you specified when you placed your order, and our seamstresses will then stitch together these individual flags into two separate five-meter strings. Eyelets are then sewn onto each end so that your bunting can be easily hung. 

Please note: We print your custom bunting on one side of the fabric. Your design is highlighted on one side, while the other side remains simple and white. 

Care: The material isn't waterproof itself, but the inks will survive the outdoors, rain and damp conditions, so your design won't fade. Your custom pennants will dry off and be good as new.

From the street to the celebration

You can make your own decoration bunting flags as Christmas bunting with names and or photos to dress your party. You can make your own decoration with your street name on it to be used and reused next street party, or you can make a personal message on bunting flags for welcome home or happy birthday. Make your own bunting here in our online design system.

Welcome Christmas with personalized flags with designs to suit your holiday season. Christmas custom bunting flags are a festive reminder of love and family warmth throughout this holiday season. You can print the names of all family members to make the scene. Custom pennants with family pictures is a unique idea for decorating your Christmas party. This year, as part of Christmas decoration, make your own personalized bunting flags using your best photographs or designs and design your own Christmas bunting.

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