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Custom Made Table Lamps

Custom Made Table Lamps

Unique Table Lamp

from $159.00

Create custom made table lamps using photos and text. Our online design tool makes it super easy to design a unique table lamp exactly how you w...

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Personalized Table Lamp Features

  • Tripod Style beechwood feet
  • Supplied pre-assembled
  • 5.9 foot cord for extra reach
  • Full color edge to edge print
  • Fire rated inner lining

Available in two sizes, your custom made table lamps will be as truly unique as you are. Handmade to order, no two lamps are ever the same.

Simply create your design using our online design tool (you can even preview the design on the lamp to see how it will look) and we will have it ready in as little as two days. This personalized and unique table lamp is made for bulbs up to 40 Watts, or 60 Watts if you have chosen the larger size. Both sizes come with a standard three pin plug, and use a B22 standard bayonet cap bulb. If you are buying a personalized table lamp as a gift for friends or family abroad, you also have the option of an EU plug fitting, which has a bulb holder for a E27 standard Edison screw bulb. Bulb not included.
  • Personalize the design to make your lamp unique
  • Available with either UK (B22) or EU (E27) plugs
  • Bulb not included.
  • 5.9 foot power cord for great versatility
  • Beechwood feet in a tripod style
  • Edge to edge printing in full color
  • Fire rated inner lining
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Small 7 oz, 14.96" tall, 5.90" diameter
  • Large 19.8 oz, 29.13" tall, 7.87" diameter

Care instructions

Use duster and or vacuum gently with appropriate fitting.

    How Your Personalized Table Lamp Works

    The great news is that your handmade, unique table lamp arrives pre-assembled. This makes set-up nice and simple. 

    Step 1: Open
    It's arrived. Your lamp has been lovingly handmade. The fire rated inner lining has been carefully stitched in and it's been delivered to you. Time to open it up and marvel at its splendor.

    Step 2: Insert bulb
    For this, you need a standard bayonet cap B22 bulb (E27 if you opted for the EU version) that is no higher than 40w for the small lamp, or 60w for the large. Bayonet cap bulbs operate using a simple push and twist mechanism. There are two small pins on either side of the cap, line these up with the fitting (you can usually tell by touch, and won't need to try and get your head and hands in the lamp at the same time) then put a little pressure on it and twist it around until it won't go any further. Ta-da, your bulb is installed. (For E27 bulbs there is a standard thread, all you need to do is screw it in). Bulb not included.

    Step 3: Plug in your lamp
    Find a suitable plug socket, and plug your lamp into your mains supply. If you are using an extension, as always, be careful not to overload it. The cable for your custom table lamp is 1.8 metres long so you will have plenty of options for where to place it. 

    Step 4: Switch on
    That's it, you're done. As simple as that. Switch your custom made table lamps on using the inline switch and you're good to go. 

    Custom made to order

    Our custom made table lamps all come with tripod style, beechwood feet which are mounted onto a white painted, metal frame. Your image or design is printed edge to edge in full vibrant color. An in-line switch makes turning the table top lamps on or off a breeze, so you won't be fumbling around trying to find the switch on the bottom or side of the lamp. The digital printing process that we use ensures that your photos look absolutely stunning both when the light is on, and when it is switched off. Your personalized table lamp will come with a removable adapter to alter the size of the fitting ring.

    Light up your photos

    Taking into account that because your custom made table lamps are much taller than they are wide, you might find that photos taken in portrait will be more suited to be able to see more of your image at any given moment. We love the idea of creating a photo collage, as your lamp will likely sit on your desk and you will be able to enjoy these photos up close. With the montage design, you can also rotate your lamp every so often and enjoy a different part of your collage as the focus, to keep refreshing your personalized look. 

    We think this personalized unique table lamp would partner perfectly with a home office. Use it to brighten your day when you are racking up those extra hours preparing that presentation or sending those all-important emails. We also love using your holiday snaps to create a beautiful landscape wrapped around your custom table lamp to make a wonderful design, perfect for conservatories or dining rooms. You have so many options for this superb lamp, imagination is the only limit.

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