Custom Floor Lamp

Custom Floor Lamp

Unique Floor Lamps With Photos

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Brighten up your room, not only with a custom floor lamp that is sleek and modern, but with custom designs...

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Customize Unique Standing Lamps

  • Design the entire outside surface
  • Table and Floor sizes
  • Sleek semi-translucent material 
  • Beechwood 3/4" dia feet
  • Supplied with 6ft cord 
  • Full-color print all over

Available in 2 styles, you can design your own custom floor lamp or stylish table lamps.

When the night draws in and the main lights are off, these unique floor lamps look stunning, almost ethereal, with your photos or design shining through the fabric. Put one in the corner of your room, on the coffee table, or customize one as a quirky housewarming gift. Bulb not included.
  • Design to match your décor
  • Table Lamp - 7 oz, 6" x 15" High
  • Floor Lamp - 19.8 oz, 8" x 30" High 
  • Bulb not included
  • Sleek semi-translucent fabric
  • Trendy beechwood feet in tripod style
  • Full edge-to-edge printing
  • Vibrant color print resists fading
  • 5.9 foot long cord
  • Fire rated inner lining
  • Handmade to order

Care instructions

Use duster and or vacuum gently with appropriate fitting.

    NB: Large modern floor lamps max wattage: 60w bulb | Small unique table lamps max wattage: 40w bulb.

    Where to Use Standing Lamps 

    For cozy nights in, a bit of mood lighting creates a more intimate atmosphere. Put your unique standing lamps in the corner of your living room and get that lovely warming glow. Your photos or patterns printed onto the sleek translucent fabric is a totally original way to bring personality to the home. 

    Your table lamps look right at home in your study or on the coffee table, providing that extra light when you need it most. With a 5.9 foot long cord, finding the right spot for it won't be hard. If you own a boutique or a salon, greet your customers at reception with unique floor lamps, printed with either your branding or employees photos for a friendly touch. Bulb not included.

    Care: Keep your photos nice and vibrant by regularly dusting your custom floor lamp. For your safety, keep water and liquids away from the plug socket and bulb at all times. 

    Truly translucent 

    Our digital printing process bonds the ink with the translucent fabric so it won't scratch or rub off. We hand stitch a fire retardant inner lining to your custom floor lamp shade so you can rest assured it's completely safe. The open top and bottom produce a lovely, warming glow when the light is on, and because your custom design shines through, your unique floor lamps will match your home interior and other furnishings. Your lamp will come with a removable adapter to alter the size of the fitting ring.

    Light it up

    The print area on the custom floor lamp is large but you must remember that it is a vertical product and is not suitable for all photos. Our design system lets you preview the lamp so you can adjust and change your photos to get the perfect result. 

    You know when you take endless snaps of scenery, landscapes and city skylines when you're on holiday, but don't really do anything with them? Our tall table lamps and modern floor lights are the ultimate way to flaunt your photography; think majestic photos of the desert, chic city skyline silhouettes, or serene sunsets.

    Put your own stamp on the design of your house with unique floor lamps that reflect your personality and family. A photo collage made up of memories gone by makes a gorgeous gift and eye-catching feature for the room. Or design a tall table lamp to sit in your study or lounge. When guests come to visit, there's no doubting who rules the roost. 

    Applying all over block prints can give a very modern streamlined effect to these custom lamps. The curved nature of the lamp wraps the image around, giving a spacious, continuous feel to the room. For an unusual floor lamps design, why not channel your inner Andy Warhol and be inspired by his infamous Marilyn Monroe pop-art piece? Definitely a dramatic style statement.

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