Custom Ceiling Lights

Custom Ceiling Lights

Unique Pendant Lights

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Create your own custom ceiling lights. With a standard size fitting ring, these unique pendant lights will...

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Custom Hanging Lights Features

  • Personalized lampshade for pendant lights
  • Full color printing from edge to edge
  • Available in 4 different shade sizes
  • Fitting ring to fit standard light fittings
  • Fire rated lampshade inner lining
  • Printed from edge to edge

Create custom ceiling lights using your photos and designs and create the perfect finishing touch to your home decor.

These unique pendant lights are made from a slightly textured, translucent fabric that brings your photos to life when lit up. You can tailor your custom ceiling lights by choosing not only the size, but the color and design of the shade. Create a photo collage to showcase your favorite memories, or you can use a single photo and as we use edge to edge printing your picture will be displayed in full color on our high-quality, stiff material.
  • Available in 3 round drum sizes
  • Also available in a small oval size
  • Matte fabric backlights from within
  • Metal white painted frame
  • Standard fitting size
  • Handmade to order
  • Fire rated lining material
  • Available in ceiling and desk lamp styles

Care instructions

Use duster and or vacuum gently with appropriate fitting.

    How Your Custom Hanging Lights Work

    These unique pendant lights come with a standard sized fitting ring, which will suit standard pendant lights. Installation of your lamp shade is quick and simple, and can be done in a few simple steps. 

    Step 1: Remove the bulb
    Before you do anything, make sure that you have switched your light off; it's a good idea to turn off the mains electric at the fuse box. Then first of all, remove the light bulb from your pendant fitting. 

    Step 2: Undo the light fitting
    Next you need to unscrew the bottom of the light fitting. A lot of pendant lights have a black ring, with tabs to make this easy to locate and twist - for those that don't, you should be able to see the line where the two parts split if you look closely. Once you have done this step, you should have revealed a screw thread. 

    Step 3: Fasten your lampshade
    After this, all you need to do is place your lampshade on the fitting (it should just slide over the thread) and replace the piece that you just removed, which will hold the lampshade in place. 

    Step 4: Replace the bulb
    Finally replace the bulb, switch on your electrics, and try switching the light on to test that you've correctly inserted your bulb - it really is as easy as that.


    Your custom ceiling lights will come with a removable adapter to alter the size of the fitting ring, as displayed in the image above. 

    Quantity Discount

    These custom hanging lights, like many of our products, benefit from our fantastic quantity discount. As they are perfect for all the family, order one for each room and save money today.

    Edge to edge, all around

    Your design will be printed edge to edge around the drum of your custom ceiling lights. The fabric that is used is our Stiff Translucent poly fabric, which is a stiff, matte material to maintain its shape. It is translucent and has a slightly textured finish to it, which will give your unique pendant lights an authentic look. The choice of materials means that your photos will look vivid both with your light on, as well as when it's off.

    Consider the distance

    As your unique pendant lights' shade will be attached to a ceiling light, it's worth considering either using a single photo or a collage that uses fewer, larger pictures in the scattered style to ensure your design decorates the whole way around. This means that you will be able to enjoy them - with the light on or off - from the comfort and safety of the ground. 

    Because it is so customizable, these custom ceiling lights are bound to be loved by everyone. One idea we love is to use pictures of your family and have the light in the baby's bedroom, so they always have their nearest and dearest watching over them.

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